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Earn a boat insurance discount

Taking a Basic Boating Course Could Pay Off With an Insurance Discount

It’s smart to be safe while you’re boating. It’s even smarter to be safe and thrifty.

Insurance providers often offer discounts for boat owners who complete boating basics or safety courses. The best news: You may already qualify!

In most states, boaters need to pass a course of basic skills and knowledge before they can legally operate a boat. If you already have, check with your independent insurance agent on whether the course you took qualifies you for a discount.

If not, your state boating authority can steer you to approved classes. State certification courses follow the standards of the (NASBLA).

Taking such a course typically results in a boating license or certification, not just a potential insurance discount. Local clubs and organizations, community colleges and independent instructors offer a mix of classroom and home study courses, as well as hands-on training.

Learn: The Basics of Boating Safety

A basic course covers just that: the basics you need to know to operate a boat safely. Topics of instruction can include:

  • The proper techniques for docking, mooring, and anchoring.
  • How to avoid collisions and respect others in or on the water, including snorkelers and smaller boats.
  • What to do if your boat capsizes, someone falls overboard, a fire breaks out, or your boat runs aground.
  • Using safety equipment, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, and distress signals.
  • Basic navigation rules and equipment.

Save: Get the Maximum Boat Insurance Discount Possible

To get the maximum discount available from your insurer, consult with your before you sign up for a course. The basics may be enough to earn your state certification. But, some insurance providers offer additional discounts if you take a safety course through groups like the or . Both organizations have local affiliates across the country.

Saving on boat insurance while learning how to be a safe boater? Who wouldn’t be all aboard for that?!

Go Further With Your Boating Skills

The summer boating season may be just about over, but the opportunities to improve your boating skills are endless. Advanced boating classes on weather, navigation, and cruise planning could pay dividends in your enjoyment, confidence, and safety on the water, even if they don’t knock anything off your insurance premium.